June 12-14, 2018Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterNew York, NY

Sentinel Blackbelt Pro

The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro is a multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel leak, flow, pressure, and vacuum test instrument utilizing high speed pressure and flow measurement technology. The Blackbelt Pro instrument is designed to conduct up to 4 independent tests; synchronously and asynchronously. The heart of this instrument is eight 24-bit analog to digital circuits; four to measure test pressure/pressure drop and four additional circuits to measure flow sensor output during a flow test. The Blackbelt Pro’s precise measurements are in part from the factory system calibration traceable to NIST standards. The ‘Pro’ comes in two standard packages; a benchtop design and a wallmount design. Each design provides mass flow, pressure decay-leak standard, pressure drop, rate of change, and occlusion test types. As standard, the Blackbelt Pro is Equipped with EtherNet/ IP communications.

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