June 12-14, 2018Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterNew York, NY

Universal Robots Collaborative Robot Arms

Universal Robots offers three models of collaborative robot (cobot) arms named for their payload in kilos. The UR3, UR5 and UR10 have six articulation joints, easy programming and fast set up to be the most flexible, lightweight and safe cobots to work alongside humans in the market. UR3 is perfect for light (up to 3 kg) table-top automated assembly tasks that call for precision and versatility. The UR3 has 360-degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint, perfect for assembly, polish, glue and screw applications. The UR5 is a mid-sized cobot with a work radius of up to 33.5 in, ideal for low-weight (up to 5kg) tasks such as picking, placing and testing. The UR10 automates heavier (up to 10 kg), long-reach tasks (up to 51.2 in) like packaging, palletizing and pick-and-place. Universal Robots offer one of the fastest payback times in the industry.

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